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Who is Orange Lutheran High School?
Orange Lutheran High School is a co-educational high school where students build a sound future with Christ as their leader. Since opening its doors in 1973, Orange Lutheran has grown into one of Southern California’s finest private high schools, offering state and nationally-recognized programs in academics, athletics, and the arts.

What is L Wine?
“L” Wine, presented by the Lancer Alumni Association, is a private wine label that features limited-release wines, hand selected for members of the Lancer family.

How does purchasing “L” Wine help the school?
Proceeds from wine sales will help support the Lancers For Life Fund enriching the student experience and adding value to the lives of our students, families and alumni.

Is “L” Wine available at the school?
No, “L” Wine can only be purchased by contacting Cholame Vineyard at 805.610.1122 or email orders@cholamevineyard.com

Who is eligible to purchase “L”Wine?
Anyone over age 21 can purchase “L” Wine. We currently ship only within the State of California.